Mr. 18 to Mr. 9: Sand Shots

Sand Shots (within 50 yards of the hole)

Here we are examining how to save half a shot in a very small part of the game—just 2 and 1.6 shots per round respectively for Mr. 18 and Mr. 9. The sand game is an underrated skill that produces more errors per attempt than any other part of the game. When I was learning the game, I was afraid of the gaping bunkers surrounding ALL of our 18 greens. I worked hard to gain confidence from the sand that made the greens seem larger and easier to hit.

As always, if you work to avoid errors you’ll solve this portion of the puzzle. Mr. 18 saves 12% of his sand opportunities (with 27% errors) vs. 21% saves for Mr. 9 (only 15% errors).

For a complete Strokes Gained analysis of your game, log on to:

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